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Every object is checked by me to the best of my knowledge what is based on over 30 Years of Collecting and only then released for sale. Unfortunately there are more and more “experts” and book writing specialists in the internet and forums who think they know better what is original and what is a fake. But these are only single opinions which are no guarantee if something is actually original or not. So I have to state unmistakably that I dissociate myself from any forums except my own and their opinions. Therefore I ask every customer to take a close look at each object and only then to decide whether to buy or not. We also offer to issue a certificate of authenticity, which if is included, represent a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. Any other Object without it are sold as is.


All items are being sold only (and only) as historical important antique objects.

Of special interest are the following relevant sections of German Law. Please read this summary of section § 86, 86a:

“Items that are used for making propaganda for a party or group which is classed as unconstitutional or forbidden, even if they act outside Germany, may not be spread inside Germany. This applies for items made to propagate ideas that correspond with the ideas of the “Third Reich.” They might not be made, kept, imported or exported. The punishment may be prison (up to three years) or a fine.

This does not apply if those items are used in order to inform others, repel actions that are aimed against the constitution, if they are used in art, science, research, teaching, or to report about historical events or similar purposes.

If you use or show symbols or signs used by parties or groups that can be classified as unconstitutional, or if you manufacture, keep, export or import those, you may be punished (three years imprisonment or fine). You may not use or spread items that display or contain those signs or symbols, e.g. flags, insignia, uniforms (or parts of uniforms), mottos and forms of greeting.

You may also not use or spread signs or symbols that look similar to those. This does not apply if those items are used in order to inform others, repel actions that are aimed against the constitution, if they are used in art, science, research, teaching, or to report about historical events or similar purposes.”

Also of special note is our pricing in relation to German law. All our prices are retail prices. All articles which we did not buy from companies are subject to the “differential tax charge” according to § 25a German Turnover Tax Law (Differenzbesteuerung UStG). All prices for items which we bought from companies are displayed with German legal value added tax (MwSt). Deliveries to third countries are tax-free export deliveries, according to § 4 no. 1a German Turnover Tax Law (UStG).

Note these regulations are only legally binding in Germany. Edelweiss Antiques will however only sell military antiques under the same conditions as stated in these regulations.

Buying Items / Trading

I am always interested in buying or trading original items. I have the following criteria:

1. The item must be original and authentic produced in the period, please do not waste my or your time.

2. Before I make any offers I need very clear pictures upon my request.

3. We need to see the item before we pay for it. For large collections we are naturally interested in travel to see the items.

Commission sales (consignment items)

Edelweiss Antiques would be happy to sell any item for you. For this we would like you to send a list with your items and the prices you’d like to have for them. On these prices we charge 20% extra for items under €1000, 15% for items above €1000, this includes taxes. The items have to be mailed to our office with registered or insured mail (your own risk, we do not take responsibility for any lost items). You do not have to be worried about mail, payments or anything, we take care of these matters. When an item is sold, your set price will be transferred to your account as soon as possible.

We are flexible on commission sales regarding the terms. The terms are set above but for question or exceptions please email us at [email protected]

We check all the pieces we receive on consignment as much as possible. However, these are sold AS IS, and we do not accept any returns.

Copyright & Disclaimer

All images appearing on this website, unless noted otherwise, are the exclusive property of Edelweiss Antiques and are protected under International Copyright laws. Duplication, processing, distribution, posting in Forums or any other Online Platform, manipulated or any form of commercialization of such material shall require the prior written consent of Edelweiss Antiques. These copyright laws impose substantial penalties for infringement, and violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. All images are copyrighted © Edelweiss Antiques. For information about the use for any of the images contained within this website, please contact Edelweiss Antiques. Use of this website constitutes acceptance with the above copyright notice and all terms and conditions presented here.

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