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Unfortunately, it is not always easy as a militaria collector determining the authenticity of individual pieces. The market is flooded with ever better fakes of medals and uniforms. In my 35 years as a collector of militaria I have acquired a very good knowledge due to the fact that I still had the opportunity to meet countless veterans, study their awards and personal items and learn what to look out for when it comes to separating the gems from the trash. My main collecting area has always been uniforms as well as the German mountain troops. I have now decided to make my help available to everyone who needs it, at no cost. If you have any questions please contact me via email. Have fun collecting!

A note for young collectors and newcomers:

It is not advisable to have the pieces “discussed” on the basis of pictures in various militaria forums.

There are a lot of “self-appointed experts” with dangerous half-knowledge. Very quickly a piece is talked to crap and is then almost unsaleable !!!! Pieces are also very often “talked down” in order to buy them cheaply afterwards.

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